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Brittany Molfese

about me

Welcome to the vibrant world of @brittanymolfese, where creativity knows no bounds and authenticity reigns supreme! I'm Brittany, the heart and soul behind the captivating content that unfolds on Instagram, TikTok, and beyond. 


Following my divorce in 2020, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, determined to live my best life unapologetically. The turning point came in 2021 when I crossed paths with the man of my dreams, now my incredible husband and a wonderful bonus dad to my two children. We are currently expecting our own bundle of joy this coming Summer. In June of 2023, our entire coparent family bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of South Florida and began embracing a slower pace in a charming town in Upstate South Carolina. This change has been transformative, allowing us to savor the simplicity of life away from the city, crafting an All American childhood for our children that we cherish every day. No looking back – just a journey forward filled with love, growth, and the joy of creating lasting memories.

Through my social media channels, I am on a mission to spread positivity and empower fellow women by sharing my genuine experiences in motherhood, co-parenting, and self-love. Each post is a snapshot of my zest for life, a celebration of the beautiful chaos that comes with raising a family, and a testament to the strength found in embracing one's true self.

Join me as I navigate the rollercoaster of parenthood, offering insights, laughter, and a supportive community for those who resonate with the joys and challenges of family life. Along the way, I love featuring brands, products, recipes, and destinations that genuinely connect with me, creating a space where authenticity meets inspiration.

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