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Loss of Food-spiration

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Tired of eating the same things week after week? Yeah girl, me too.

Let's be real, we always get sucked into rotating the same recipes over and over and lose our food-spiration. That has been me as of lately, now disgusted by anything meatloaf or spaghetti. Thanks to a few amazing women I follow on Instagram, I've found some inspiration to break this cycle and get back into making delicious meals, or hopefully delicious meals. I don't have the greatest track record on attempting new recipes that are out of my wheelhouse, so it should get pretty interesting.

I've always had a passion for food and am grateful for all my mother taught me while growing up. She may have only taught me a little beyond the basics, but you can do amazing things with just basic knowledge of food and how flavors go together. I could have a culinary degree by now based off the hours I've spent watching the food channel. I've also mentally won Chopped about 18 times, no big deal.

So, you ask, what the most difficult part of trying new recipes will be? Glad you asked, because it's my picky husband. My toddler is actually easier to please than this man. If it's not fried, cheesy or BEEF he scoffs at it. Case in point, I made a new recipe today that was amazing and will be sharing with ya'll, but he refused to try it because the chicken was baked. Yes, baked. He turned his nose up at it and drove straight to Arby's to eat a delicious and nutritious meal with eye roll from me included.

I'm challenging myself for four weeks straight to try two new recipes a week. These recipes will be from dusty cookbooks I need to open up, Pinterest or maybe a few of you can recommend some to me! Now off to plan this coming weeks new recipes!

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