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Manifesting is NOT What You Think It Is!

Manifesting your dreams. Sounds crazy right?

The word manifest used to actually trigger me. I was stuck in such a negative mindset that when people would say, "manifest what you want in life", I would instantly roll my eyes. I went as far as blocking someone in my previous MLM for telling me to manifest sales and money. How could just thinking about things make them reality? Impossible!

My issue was, I didn't truly understand what manifesting was. I thought you just sat there, thought of $500 in your bank account and POOF it appeared. Wrong. Manifesting is about the power of attraction, visualizing our hopes and dreams enough that they turn into reality by aligning ourselves through intention and inspired action.

Once I understood what this whole process truly was and put my stubbornness, negative attitude away, I began manifesting what I wanted in life. I began manifesting a $50k income from home, traveling and a happier and more confident me... Want to know what happened? EVERYTHING.

The moment I began believing in myself and putting my future desires out there, that's when the magic happened. I spoke my dreams into the universe while no one was listening, I wrote them down in my journal, I set intentional goals and made small strides everyday towards them. That's when my life began turning around and that power of inspired action gave me the boost of confidence I needed to make my dreams a reality.

I'm not saying that manifestation is your answer to all your problems. I also never had unrealistic expectations when I began my journey into discovering the magic of manifestation, such as, a million dollars the next day or becoming a viral sensation overnight due to an epic TikTok video. I started small, with the little things I knew were achievable but I never gave myself the permission to truly believe I was capable of.

I challenge you today to begin manifesting something in your life. Start small and speak it into the universe. Write it down and start believing it! What dreams or desires are you going to manifest into your reality?

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